Jersey Fencing.
Why Fencing?
Fencing is great fun, suitable for all ages, men and women, and can be a great work out.

It is also about strategy, discipline, tactics, good hand-eye coordination, speed and teaches respect for your opponent and the referees.

An older person can frequently beat an energetic youngster (even you son !! but not this time !) through clever and accurate moves and good timing.

Equally girls often fence with their brains and the boys with braun! It really is a sport for all.
Senior Epée Competition
Senior Sabre Competition
Senior Foil Competition
Jersey Fencing is the Governing Body for the sport of fencing on the Island of Jersey. Our aims are to promote the great sport of fencing and support our fencing club and individuals in their fencing development at all levels and ages. We aim to support a professional coach in Jersey and through them provide a wide range of opportunities for people to experience fencing and continue to train and develop their skills.
Commonwealth Junior Fencing 13 to 17/2/2012
Channel TV report - Our Jersey boys are ready for the Comminwealth Junior Fencing Championship
Jersey Evening Post - Fencing: Jersey host cream of the Commonwealth
Junior Epée Competition
Junior Sabre Competition
Junior Foil Competition

Novice Foil Competition